Easy, clean and fast method in applying  floor finish.
Use gallon a floor finish right from it. No need to refill another bottle, bag, or anything else.
Use a manual syphon to dispense it right on to the floor.
Use the liquid measure control knob to dispense the amount you desire on to the floor.
This Kit can be used with any applicator handle you might already have.  Just hook it up to any wood handle, extendable handle like shown, or whatever handle you already have with 3 velcro rolls that are provided.
Carry a gallon container into a backpack and apply floor wax to apply it easily and fast.  When you finish a gallon of wax, just put in a new gallon and keep going until you finish the job.

​If you are interested in purchasing this item, please email to ekinternet@yahoo.com

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Floor finish applicator kit by jchc- dispense and apply wax directly from gallon bottle

Introducing " Floor Finish WAX APPLICATOR KIT -Dispense right from the Gallon Container by JCHC".

You don't have to fuss with re-pouring into another bag or pouring on to the floor creating a mess.

Dispense right from the gallon container directly through backpack system and wax floor fast and easy.

Please take a look at our YouTube presentation for more information.


Wax Applicator Kit-Dispense it right from Gallon container

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