Instruction on Stripping and waxing

Step 1: Vacuum thoroughly or sweep well corners and edges- make sure to pick up all dust, hair, and etc. Note: Remove gum.

Step 2: Dilute stripping solution into a mop bucket as recommended by manufacturers. Note: If you want to do a faster job, dilute 50/50 or up to 75% stripper and 25% water.

Step 3: Apply Stripping solution onto the floor area that you will be stripping. Note: Apply only area that you would be able to handle with. Letting the solution sitting too long to dry off before reaching the other end of it will waste money and time. Note: Do not flood the floor with solution, but wet enough for solution to break down the old wax.

Step 4: Let the solution do the job of breaking down the old wax- leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes before scrubbing.

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Strip and Wax Commercial Free Instruction and Bid Calculator

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