We promote this tool for applying floor finish (wax).

However, we want you to know that this tool is great for daily mopping large areas.

Dilute your mopping solution into a gallon bottle and you can keep mopping and mopping until your gallon bottle is empty.

You can cover a large area without spraying mopping solution from a small bottle in your hand or keep dipping your mops to dirty water in a mop bucket.

Just simply change the microfiber flat mops to keep the floor clean or wash and rinse in the clean water bucket and keep going with mopping solution in your backpack.

How to use this JCHC Applicator tool is described here in this page "

Floor Finish Wax Applicator Kit" page. Click to view it.

Interested in purchasing this tool?

Please visit this page.

Mopping Tool for large area- JCHC Applicator Kit.

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