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Are you starting a cleaning service business?

Need help to get things going?

Need help with commercial cleaning instructions, such as stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning and etc?

Need help with cleaning service bidding process and learn how to make a quote?

Get a complete Janitorial Contractors Help CD pack.

This CD will include 99 % of bidding calculators, tools, cleaning instructions by JCHC in one CD.  

JCHC CD will include all the information you need to get you going on your dream to own a cleaning service business.

Plus you will get a JCHC Membership for as long as Janitorial Contractor Help is alive online.

JCHC Membership will get you a free assistance for commercial cleaning instructions, how to use bidding tools, calculators, learn how to bid and make a quote for cleaning service and etc.  Use email, text or call for free assistance anytime of the day with Jani-Boy.

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What's on our JCHC CD or USB?


Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, (Basic)
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, (Advance)
Porter Service Calculation  
All other - One Time Special Service
Need Information for calculation  
Bottle Fill Chart  
Post Construction Cleaning Calculation 
Cost comparison calculator
Calculation Tool for strip/wax,……New
Bottle Fill Chart-2  
Time Work Sheet For Employees- One Time
Clean Master Calculation Tool-Stripped
Chemical dilution ratio chart, cost calculation tool
Residential/Home Calculation-Advance
Need Information for Home calculation
Restaurant calculation tool
Need information for restaurant calculation
Restaurant cleaning instructions
Store/Market cleaning calculation tool & Instructions
Simple Bidding Calculator-New 2/1/11  

Calculation Tool for Carpet Cleaning-New  
Apartment Cleaning Bid Calculator  
Simple Bid for Smart phone & Tablets  
Easy Bid for Smart phone & Tablets  
Easy Calculation Tool-for Smart Phones & i-Pads
Paper usage calculation Tool-New 11/08  
Which calculator to use and when?  
Conversion kit tool-mini   New 2/09  
Square footage calculator-mini  New 2/09  
Quick Bidding calculation for cleaning service-mini  
Mini Pack Calculators    
Mini Pack Calculators for Smart Phones  
Setting up a Budget for a location-Updated  
Parking Lot Cleaning Service Calculators  
Quick Reference Tips for i-Phone  
Residential Calculator for i-Phone  
Office Cleaning Calculator for i-Phone  
Strip & Wax for i-Phone    

Financial Budget Calculator-One    
Financial Budget Calculator-Two    
How many Gallons wax do I need?  
Budget Calculator Short Form-1    
How much to charge for strip & wax job?  
Simple Weekly Budget Plan    
Inventory Control System- Advanced  
Quick Bid for Office Cleaning  
Quick Bid for Residential Cleaning  
Quick Bid for Home with $ amount  
Quote Maker by JCHC    

Jani Bid-Home

Jani-Bid Office

Jani-Bid Carpet Cleaning

Jani-Bid Strip and Wax 

Bid Information Collector-Simple

Bid Information Collector-Advance

Fast and Simple Bid Calculator

Cleaning Instructions:

Daily Care of Vinyl (VCT) Floor  
Strip and Wax      
Top Scrub and refinish    
Brand New Floor- What to do?    
Burnishing vinyl floor    
Stone floor Care      
Polished & Non Polished Stone floors  
Ceramic title      
Sealing- Polished, Non Polished Stone Floors
Removing Stains on stone products  
Concrete floor       
Smooth- Polished   stone floor  
Not smooth-Not polished    stone floor
Daily Maintenance of Epoxy Floor  
Rubber type floors      
Wood Floor      
Imitation Wood floor    
Gym floors- Wood      
Gym floors- Rubber synthetic type  
Carpet cleaning      
Bonnet cleaning      
Extraction cleaning      
Shampoo cleaning      
Spotting-Gum, Dirt, Coffee, Rust, Red color
Upholstery cleaning      
Office Elevator Escalator    
Parking lots /Pressure washer Cleaning
Dusting - High  
Dusting furniture and etc  
Wiping furniture and etc  
Window cleaning    
Cleaning Sinks- Porcelain  
Stainless Steel, Brass, Polished metals, 
Cleaning Toilets and Urinals  
Cleaning Restroom walls  
Soap scum, hard water stains,
Cleaning Mildew in the Restroom
Mildew, Algae on the walls, and etc
Ceiling fans and air duct openings
Hard water stains on shower, sinks
Hard water stains on stones,   
Hard water stains on glass/windows
Removing Gum from the concrete floor
Office Elevator Escalator  
Controlling odor problems  
Smoke odor  
Odor -Trash shoots and Bins  
Odor- Restrooms  
Odor -other odors  
Dust Mites Cleaning  

Stone sealed & look hazy  
Bed Bugs- How to kill them  
How to clean restrooms-Detailed-11/6/10  
How to remove gum off the carpet  
How to apply floor finish with microfiber applicator
Basic Cleaning Certification Course
Total Green Cleaning Concept  
Training Manual Basic to Advance  
PH Balance-  Education    
Frequently asked questions  
How to grow your business    
Want to start a cleaning business?  
Click here to take you to more helpful websites
MRSA- Super Bug    
Safety Check (Bio Hazard Cleaning, Using Step Ladders, 
Heavy Lifting, and etc)
(Get free online training on Blood Born Pathagen)
Basic Cleaning Certification Course  
Start Cleaning Business- Chpt One- New 7/18/08  
Start Cleaning Business- Chpt Two- New 7/18/08  
Reduce cost and Increase Profit    
Instructions for using cold water high PSI pressure  
washer 3000-4000PSI  
Tip for prevention of slip during wet days    
Flood damage & mold remediation Basic    
Tip of the day: Stone sealed and look hazy-What now?  
Sticky Floor After Mopping-What happened?  
What to charge on your first cleaning job?    
How much water to fill in the battery?    
Battery Maintenance Record Keeping-Printable Sheet  
Visit our HUB pages for more learning    
Customer satisfaction survey form  
Customer Care      
How to grow your business    
How to bid for a contract?    
Training Manual Basic to Advance  -Certify yourself and your employees.
     More Tools

Cleaning Service Bid Information Collector  
Make an invoice  
Make a monthly statement  
Make a purchase order   
Quote Sheet for Regular Service  
Quote Sheet for One Time Service  
How to bid for a contract?    
Information, you need for a proposal for a contract
How to put together a Proposal for a Contract
Sample Proposal For regular service  
For one time special service    
Customer Care      
How to grow your business    
Want to start a cleaning business?  
Sample Proposal & Contracts-Deluxe  
Click here to take you to more helpful websites
Maintenance Program    
Auto Scrubbers  
Carpet Extractors- Portables  
Maintenance record keeping tool  
Preventative Maintenance Program  
Quote Maker- New 8-15-13         

Employee Work schedule -Simple Form
Employee shift work schedule- Extensive
Time Work Sheet For Employees- One Time  
Employee Time Card, Weekly  
Employee Time Card, D,W,M,Yearly  
Office-Bid Information Collector-Open from the listing 
Home-Bid Information Collector-Open from the listing
Easy & Simple Bid Information Collector-H & Office
Cleaning Inspection Report sheet  
Cleaning schedule- 2/26/10    
Customer satisfaction survey form  
Accounting System-Simple    
Payroll Calculator-Advance    
Updated Maintenance record keeping tool 10/08
Inventory Control System    
Mileage Record Keeping Calculator-Detailed
And more.    

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