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Tax season is here.

These tools are helpful for you for end of the tax filing.

Get all your tax information to together before begin your work.

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       Tax Help Calculator

​       Accounting Tax help calculator tool- Budgeting (Simple )

​       Budgeting tool-2

​       Budgeting tool-3 (Extensive Detailed)

​       Set up Budget

       Mileage Record Keeping Tool

       Mileage Record Keeping Tool for 2016


Download our new Office Bid Calculator for Mobile Smart Phones (1/23/2016)

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Download free calculator-Quick Bid Office

Download free Calculator-Quick Bid Residential 

Download free Calculator-Jani Bid Office Cleaning 

Download free Tool-Cleaning Service Bid Information Collector Easy

Download free Tool-Cleaning Service Bid Information Collector-Detailed(Office


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Mini Pack Free Calculator

Most popular free downloads. Packed with multiple calculators tools. Try this one.

How many gallons do I need?

Tax Help Calculator

Bottle Fill Calculator- What amount of chemical in the water for spray bottle?

Budget Plan -Personal

Calculator for strip and wax Job

Equipment Coverage Information sheet

Mileage Record Keeping-Yearly

Mileage Record Keeping-2016

Mileage Log Keeper

Accounting System by JCHC- Helpful Excel program for end of the year tax filing

Advance Cleaning Calculator for Cleaning Professionals

Battery check maintenance schedule sheet

Square Footage Calculation Tool for Cleaning Professionals

Chemical Dilution Ratio, chart and cost comparison sheet

Cleaning inspection Reporting sheet- Rate your cleaning location

Customer Satisfaction Survey Sheet for Cleaning Service- Modify to fit your business


Cleaning Schedule for commercial and residential services (1/10/2017)

    ​Printable cleaning schedule for commercial accounts and residential cleaning services     with check marks "Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly". Print it and attach to your               proposal for cleaning service.

     Free download the template and adjustable to your needs.


(New as of 2/1/2017)​

Jani Bid Calculator-Office (2/1/2017)

Jani Bid Calculator-Residential (2/1/2017)

Jani Bid Strip and wax Calculator (2/1/2017)

Jani Bid Carpet Cleaning Bid Calculator (2/1/2017)


Are you thinking of starting a cleaning service business?  What's involved, what  do I need to get to start?

Get complete information and suggestions here.  Regular price: $3.90/ea. Download them free as of 3/1/2017

Download free detail information on "How to start a Cleaning Business"
Download 1 and 2 both for complete instruction.

Download #1

Download #2​


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Free Calculator tools from JCHC- Cleaning Service Bidding Calculators and more

Download free Office Bid Calculator for Mobile or Small Tablets (12/23/2016)

How to use it on your phone or tablet.

1: Download Microsoft Excel or WPS Excel to your phone or tablet

2: Download this calculator and email it to yourself

3: Open the calculator with your Excel app and allow to edit.

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