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Simple Bid Cleaning Service Calculator by JCHC

$3.90-USD (For pros and new contractors. Detail bidding process.  Use it for office, home, parking lot, warehouse, window cleaning, carpet, strip and waxing and more quote and bidding 


Master Bid Cleaning Service Calculator by JCHC

$3.90- USD  (Most extensive detailed Bidding process for new contractors. Use it for office, home, parking lot, warehouse, window cleaning, carpet, strip and waxing and more. If you are new to cleaning service and want to learn how to bid, try this one).


Easy Bidding Calculator
$3.90-USD (This calculator is for experienced contractors who are familiar with bidding process and wants to get a rough estimation real quick for office, home, carpet, strip and waxing, and more).  Easy and fast. Microsoft Excel based.

Apartment Cleaning Service Bidding Calculator

$3.90 -USD (This calculator is made for cleaning professionals that services Apartment and condos. Easy and simple to use. Take a look at the YouTube presentation and order it and download it right after payment).

Paper Usage Calculator by JCHC for Cleaning Service Companies

$7.90-USD (Do you have to provide cleaning solutions, paper and liner products, hand soap for your customer as part of your cleaning contract?  You want to find out how much it will cost you to provide these items for them?  

Use it for following items:

Paper towel, 


Seat cover,

Liners-different sizes,

Hand soap,

Cleaning solutions,

and more.

** Note: Once you purchase this calculator, its yours keep. Keep using it over and over again.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Try for 2 weeks and if you are not happy, ask for a refund. We will refund you 100 %.  No questions asked !




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