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Cleaning Service Simple Bid Calculator- Revised

We made it very simple and easy to get your quote for cleaning service quotation for both home/residential and business office cleaning service.

Simply start from the introduction page and simply answer questions and skip the ones that does not apply and you get the final information at the preview page as a summary and essential information goes into a quote sheet automatically.  When you are done, it will put it together for you on a quotation sheet and if you want to use this quote sheet, just simple print it and send it to your customer as your proposal.

Microsoft Excel 2007 based program.
You must have Excel 2007 in your computer to work with this tool.

Here is a photo presentation of the tool.
Click the video presentation at Y-Tube to take a look at the program.

Simple Bid Cleaning Service Calculator- Revised

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Simple Bid Calculator by JCHC

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