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How many coats do I put on when strip and waxing?

Cleaning Tip- How many coats do I put on when waxing floor?

How many coats do I need to lay if I strip the floor to the bottom?

Depends: If it is completed stripped VCT floor:
Manufacturers recommend 100% of solid contents of finish. So, check the solid contents of your finish and make sure it is 100 %.

If solid content is 25%, then you need to lay 4 coats. You can put more than 4 coats if you want, but it should be laid in all one day.
If you have to do it another day, you must clean the floor first by lightly top scrubbing first, before laying more finish on the floor.

If it is stone or other types, may be less than 4 coats might be ok.
Check with your local distributor for recommendation for your floor type and what you are doing.

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