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Free Bidding Calculators for cleaning service

Free Cleaning Service Calculators and Tools

Most of fun calculators, tools and instructions are available free for you to check it out and download them free.

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Free Calculators and Tools


Updated Payroll calculation and Employee information file tool......New as of 10/11/08

Which calculation tool to use?.................New as of 12/1/08

Bidding Calculations- Basic
   Need information for cleaning calculations

Bidding Calculation- Special Services

Need Information To Put Together Proposal/Calculation

Chemical Dilution Ratio Comparison tool

Equipment Coverage Chart

Time Card, weekly----------------------------New as of 7/4/08

Time Card,D,W,M,Yearly.........................New as of 7/4/08

Payroll Advance calculator

Bottle Fill Chart

Cleaning Inspection Score Report

Personal Finance Budget Plan- One-- 5/15/11

Personal Finance Budget Plan- Two---5/15/11

Mileage Record Keeping Calculator-Yearly -1/1/2012

Simple Accounting System- 4/7/2012

Cleaning Instructions

General- Office,


Parking lot, Pressure washer cleaning

Restroom cleaning
   Mildew removing

Cleaning stainless steel, brass, other polished metals

Cleaning parceling sinks, toilet, urinals

Removing gums from concerete floor

Carpet cleaning
Bonnet, Shampoo,

Carpet Spotting..),

Upholstery cleaning

Hard surface (VCT tile,)

Strip & wax,
Top scrub & re coat,


Brand new VCT floor- What to do.

concrete, marble, granite,
ceramic, etc),

Stone Care

Sealing stones

Ceramic Tile

Wood floor (Gym. real wood

laminated, etc),

Hard water stain removals,
   Glass windows

Green Cleaning,- Total Green cleaning concept

Control odor,
   Restroom, dumpster, smoke odor, carpet, etc.

Window cleaning, and more..

Escalator cleaning

Elevator cleaning

Dusting- high and low

Mostly asked questions on cleaning issues

Dust mite cleaning instructions.....................New as of 7/25/08

Other Helpful Tools

How to put together a proposal for a contract

Needed information for putting together a proposal & contract

Sample proposal- Regular service

Sample proposal- Special service

Sample contract and proposals deluxe

Employee Work Schedule-Simple

Employee Shift Work Schedule

Employee shift Work Schedule-Weekly...................New as of 7/4/08

Inventory Control Sheet

Equipment coverage information sheet

Employee applications

Employee status report form

Mileage log record sheets

Expense reports

Quote Sheet for regular monthly service-2/11/11

Quote Sheet for One Time Special Service-2/11/11

Maintenance Programs

Maintenance equipment
   Preventative maintenance
   Auto scrubber
   Carpet extractors

Maintenance record keeping

Equipment Inventory Record Keeping


Ph Balance

Helpful website address

Safety and security (Bio Hazard material handling and more..)

Reduce cost and increase profit-How?.......................New as of 8/1/08

Prevention of slip during wet days.........................New as of 12/20/08

Flood damage control and mildew, mold remediation Basic.......New as of 12/20/08


Customer Care

How to win a customer & keep them Customer Care

How to grow your business

Start A Cleaning Business

How to bid for a contract


Billing Statement Forms             New as of 7/4/08

Purchase order Forms               New as of 7/4/08

Sales Order Forms                    New as of 7/4/08

Auto Maintenance Schedule        New as of 7/4/08

Subcontractor Form- New as of 3/15/2011

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