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Easy Bidding Calculator for Cleaning Service- Reg $9.90

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Welcome to Easy Bidding Calculator -Sample cover page and Carpet Cleaning Calculator.
All in one calculator for Home/Residential, Office/Commercial, Shopping malls, Warehouse, Parking lots, Strip & wax. Top scrub & re coat, Burnishing VCT floor, Stone clean & sealing, ..etc.

Easy, fun, fast, quick calculation for your bidding calculation.
This is our most popular tool for most cleaning contractors.

Note: This calculator is for those who are familiar with bidding process and experienced with cleaning service bidding calculations.  If you are new with cleaning service business, please use our "Simple Bid Calculator" or "Master Calculator".

    Whats inside?

Calculations for Home/Residential Cleaning,
For Business and Office cleaning (warehouse, etc)
For Carpet cleaning (bonnet cleaning, shampoo cleaning, extractions cleaning),
For Strip and wax for VCT tile, ceramic tile, other types of floors,
For Stone cleaning and sealing,
For Window cleaning service,

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