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  1. Simple Bid Calculator by JCHC. Most popular cleaning service Bid Calculator. 
  2. Cleaning Service Simple Bid Calculator by JCHC-Revised

    Cleaning Service Simple Bid Calculator by JCHC- Revised Commercial cleaning service bidding calculator software for office ...

  1. Easy Bidding Calculator by JCHC - view the presentation at Youtube
  2. Easy Bidding Calculator by JCHC

    • by Jani Kim 
    • 10 months ago
    Easy Bidding Calculator for Cleaning Service Contractors. Office Cleaning , Residential cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Hard Floor ...

   Master Bid Cleaning Service Bid calculator by JCHC
  1. Master Cleaning Bid Calculator by Janitorial Contractors Help- Free Download

    Janitorial Cleaning Service Bidding Calculator for Office, Home, Window, Carpet cleaning Service. Free download at ...


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Note to our customers:  Thanks to our customer, we found a bug on Strip and Wax calculator.  Please download revised free calculator.

*** Revised Strip and Wax Calculator- 4-10-14


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